Laura + Darren {Kelso Conservation Area Wedding Photography}

Laura and Darren decided to have their first look at Kelso Conservation Area, overlooking Rattlesnake Point.  Although the rain came down in sheets all morning long, the downpour slowed just in time for their first look and some portraits in the mist surrounded by gorgeous fall colours.

Laura and Darren were elated that the rain slowed for them and very, very excited to see each other. So, this is going to be a little different than our usual posts — we’ve decided to showcase an in-depth look at Laura and Darren’s first look and portraits.  To let you in on all the emotion of their first few moments together on their wedding day, captured from both of our vantage points.

Enough from us, how about some of Laura and Darren in the mist . . .

first look i

first look ii

first look iii

first look iv

first look v

first look vi

first look vii

This is love and excitement:first look viii

first look ix

first look x

first look xi

first look xii

leaves and a pose i

leaves and a pose ii

leaves and a pose iii

leaves and a pose iv

leaves and a pose v

leaves and a pose vi

leaves and a pose vii

leaves and a pose viii

leaves and a pose ix

leaves and a pose x

Laura and Darren — we loved spending time with you guys and documenting your day. You were both so fun and kind, and let us see the way you really are together. Congratulations again, you two.


  1. Gina

    These are just stunning! You are both incredibly talented photographers. You captured the moment perfectly.

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