Leona + Matt {Engagement Photography}

The first time we met with Leona and Matt they shared their love of the outdoors, their dog, Jackson, and their Volkswagon Westafalia. For us, there’s nothing like an engagement shoot that incorporates all the things that our couple loves, so we knew that all of these elements had to figure prominently Leona and Matt’s engagement shoot. A couple of weekends ago, Leona and Matt drove their VW camper van to Rattlesnake Point for their engagement shoot with us, Jackson bounding out of the van as soon as the door opened.

With Leona and Matt’s love of the outdoors, we started out with a hike in the park, stopping in the shadows of some amazing rock faces.

Jackson loved our hike, but everyone needs a break once and awhile. Here he is supervising.

Hiking done, these two were adorable lying in the sun together.

Stunning, Leona. Really gorgeous.

Love these in between the hay bales.

We walked back to the VW, pausing to take a few photos of Leona and Matt in silhouette at the top of a hill.

We loved Leona and Matt’s camper van and hearing about their amazing adventures together travelling in it. You never know, there may be a VW Westafalia in our future sooner than we thought …

If you’re going to have a retro van, you should have at least one retro looking shot…

Alright, maybe two retro shots. We’ve shared our love of Polaroids and Instamax before and we just couldn’t resist taking a Polaroid shot of Leona and Matt and their VW…


Thanks so much for an awesome afternoon, Leona and Matt. And thanks especially for sharing all the camper van tips and for cooking us an amazing dinner. Can’t wait for your wedding at Miller Lash House in a few short weeks.


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