Leona + Matt {Miller Lash House Wedding Photography}

Sit back, relax, and let us tell you a story. This is a good one. There’s fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, True Love, and miracles. Alright, maybe we’re embellishing a little. That may have been the description of the story of The Princess Bride, one of our favorite movies. Leona and Matt’s story certainly has true love, perhaps even monsters, but first there was adventure on a river and Matt having emergency surgery days before their wedding.

Here we go then, with Leona and Matt’s story, from the top: You remember Leona and Matt, right? Well, they booked us to document their wedding about 18 months before the big day. We love Leona and Matt — they are a ton of fun and they’re sweet and generous (they actually got us a gift on their wedding day — the “Drive Nacho Drive” book because of our shared love of adventure). They’re also planners. This is a story about their best laid wedding plans.

Leona has amazing taste. Every detail of her wedding was perfectly orchestrated — the venue, Miller Lash House, ideal for her rustic, intimate wedding; her invitations, jewelry, and shoes suited her perfectly…

One of the most precious details of the day was Leona’s dress, which was handmade by her mother. It was absolutely stunning — raw silk, with such touching details — some of Matt’s family tartan stitched in under the skirt, a red heart embroidered on the inside.

The first time that Leona saw the dress completed was on the day of her wedding.

Love Leona’s bridesmaid’s reactions to seeing Leona, her dress, with her mom. Tear wiping and photos were definitely in order.

Some last minute finishing touches and it was time for Leona to put on the dress.

Leona’s flowers were absolutely gorgeous!

We’ve left you in suspense long enough. “Where’s Matt?” you’re asking. Well, a couple days before the wedding, Matt went tubing with some friends. Not white rafting. Nothing dangerous, they thought. Just a float down the river, lazy river style. That is unless you fall out of your tube and get your foot lodged under a rock and the current keeps pulling you down the river. This crazy chain of events resulted in Matt breaking his ankle and requiring multiple surgeries. Poor Matt. He made it, a little later than planned, in the back of his VW van, ambulance style, but he made it!

Leona was radiant and confident walking down the aisle to Matt.

This was all that really mattered…

We had gotten a call from Leona earlier in the week after Matt’s accident with a change of plans — despite having scheduled a couple of hours for portraits of the two of them and their bridal parties, Matt wouldn’t be in any state to do anything other than family photos and a quick bridal party photo for posterity. Of course, we totally understood and offered to shoot some photos of Leona and Matt in their wedding gear later this fall once Matt is up and about again.

And now, with all the standing done for the evening, Leona and Matt could enjoy the beautiful party under the big white tent, including all the details that they planned so carefully together.

There could be no first dance. Matt’s ankle just wouldn’t hold up. But there was a big surprise for him. And we were in on the secret. Leona’s bridesmaids (clearly the best friends ever) had spent months learning to play guitar so they could play and sing back up for Leona as she sang Wonderful World by Sam Cooke to Matt. It was adorable. So heartfelt and what a smile it brought to Matt’s face…

The evening’s events were nothing short of fantastic — the lion dance performed by some of Leona’s family members was certainly a highlight.

Although it didn’t all run according to plan, Leona and Matt — you planned such a beautiful wedding. It was only made all the more special by the way that you two handled the bumps in the road (or the river). Congratulations, again!! We can’t wait to shoot some more images of the two of you this fall and to catch up.


Venue: Miller Lash House
Catering: Daniel et Daniel
Flowers: Floret
Hair and Makeup: Lush Brush Hair and Makeup
Officiant: Bryan T. Fairbrother, All Seasons Weddings
Cake: Dufflet


  1. Agnes

    These pictures are so lovely – really reflects the day well – and you’ve had such a great view of the story as well.

    So glad everything turned out so well, and I’m with Margaret on the happy endings…

    To many more great events!

  2. Margaret

    Love these photos….love you guys. Still insist like
    all proper endings in fairy tales, this one will be
    ” and they lived happily ever after ” !

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