Lieu + David {Pinestone Winter Engagement}

With spring almost upon us, we wanted to share one last wintery shoot from this year — Lieu and David’s stunning walk around the grounds of Pinestone Resort in the snow.

Lieu and David are very passionate about photography. So much so that they decided to do not one, but two engagement shoots with us. Their first engagement shoot was at sunrise last spring in cherry blossom season. This one couldn’t have been more different, but equally beautiful. Lieu and David decided to wear traditional Ao Dai and then change into formal wear. The vibrant red and yellow colours of the Ao Dai on the snowy background (and with the snow falling) were just magical.

Lieu — you look absolutely gorgeous.

David is interested in the creation of unique images so we came up with a few ideas for this shoot that we thought he’d enjoy.

Something a little more classic…

Love these cuff links — Lieu and David’s zodiac signs.

Lieu walking through the snowy pine pathway looks incredible!

When we found this tree on our scout, we knew we wanted to use it. That is if Lieu and David could wade through the knee to waist deep snow to get there. They were more than willing to give it a shot. And it was *so* worth it.

Thanks for another amazing shoot, you two. We can’t wait for your wedding in May!


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