Lieu + David {Wedding Photography}

Lieu and David married early this spring. Their wedding was rich with colours, family, and traditions — Vietnamese meets Canada’s east coast. We couldn’t resist sharing some of the gorgeous details and some of our favorite moments.

Lieu wore an Ao Dai for the tea and marriage ceremonies and a Western gown for her portraits and evening reception.

Lieu’s Ao Dai was made in Vietnam. Its red and gold were an absolutely stunning combination and the detailing was exquisite.

We loved David’s cuff links — the rooster and the ox, which are Lieu and David’s zodiac signs.

Lieu and David’s morning was spent following Vietnamese tradition, including hosting a tea ceremony at Lieu’s parents’ house.

Following the tea ceremony, Lieu and David exchanged their rings and vows (and one of the more passionate wedding day kisses we’ve seen this year!) outdoors.

After some lunch, Lieu changed into her gown and David into his suit for some portraits and for the evening’s reception. Lieu and David opted for a first look so that we could capture David’s reaction of seeing Lieu in her gown for the first time. So much emotion and passion!!

Following their first look, we spent some time with Lieu and David wandering James’ Gardens for some portraits.

Lieu and David’s evening was full of special events and surprises. Having spent some time during the day celebrating Lieu’s heritage, it was time to celebrate David’s. David’s parents prepared to “screech-in” Lieu — a Newfoundland tradition to welcome someone from the mainland or “away” into the fold. It involves doing a shot of “screech” (which essentially a local rum), repeating a crazy tongue twister, and kissing a cod fish. And did we mention that you have to do this donning a sowester?

After that show, there was no better place for the ring…

Lieu and David — thanks so much for allowing us to document your day!

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