Liz + Joe {Engagement Photography}

On the coldest day of the winter so far, we persuaded Liz and Joe to keep warm by having a ball in front of our cameras.  Since it was so cold, we moved out into the sun as soon as possible.

We had arranged to meet Liz and Joe to give us just enough time to take advantage of the best light of the afternoon.

We just love the sneak peak through the trees.

Liz and Joe were so much fun to spend the afternoon with, so playful, so focussed on each other. Liz asked us, in a not very subtle voice, “Can you make Joe pick me up?” Joe agreed before we could respond. Too be honest, I don’t think our response was necessary. They were so incredibly comfortable with each other.

If our name doesn’t give it away, we’re big fans of poetry. As soon as the sun began to set, all I could think of was Frost’s line “lovely, dark and deep.” I knew we had to try for this shot.

We had postponed the shoot to the winter because Joe had broken a limb, you see. We found out soon after having coffee with Liz and Joe that Joe practices Parkour, or PK for those in the know. Although we did get two sides of the story, apparently Joe was a little careless (she said) / over-confident (he said) and had landed on the hobble. I think Liz still relishes the moment when Joe came home bruised and battered, seeking shelter! Of course, Joe paid for it by doing both his and Liz’s share of (hopping) housework before he was on the mend and could go back to work. Long story short, as soon as we found out Joe was into PK, a running shot was a must!

We had scouted a few days before, praying for a nice fresh snowfall so we could ask Liz and Joe, if they were so kind, to play in the snow! Fitting that Joe felt the need to make a halo for Liz.

We can’t wait to shoot Liz and Joe’s art gallery wedding in April of 2012!!


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