Lucha Libre, the hero

Another imperfect photo, much the same as the BA tango dancers. My attempt to capture the feeling of the moment using intentionally sloppy technique. If you ever happen to find yourself in La Paz, Boliva, do yourself a favour and find the Cholitas Wrestling. It is part of the Lucha Libre, essentially masked wrestling. The cholitas are women dressed in traditional Andean garb, big skirts, petticoats and ruffled blouses. Women of good stock, farming women. Anyway, they wrestle. No kidding. It’s like old time WWF in its costume and showmanship. A huge favorite of the Paceños themselves; it’s a great night on the town.
The last match of the evening always features a key hero versus a key villain. Here we have a hero who has been on the receiving end of a serious beating for upwards of 10 minutes but has just now reached down inside himself to find the will to stand up and take the fight to the villain.
Low light and again, a picture full of action that, at least to me, wouldn’t have been a good reminder of the night if it had been sharp. What do you think about imperfect photos?
(ps, when the attendants start to loosen the bolts on the railings holding the fans back from the ring apron, it’s time to move. Someone is about to get a close encounter with the Cholitas)

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