Magda + Mike {Engagement Photography}

We spent a few hours with Magda and Mike out at the Royal Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago. As always, we had scouted the area of our shoot before meeting up with Magda and Mike and had found this old driftwood to use as a backdrop.

Although Magda and Mike confessed that they anticipated being nervous in front of our cameras, they were just great. They were confident, playful, up for something fun, and totally in love. What else could we want?!

We love vintage video games (we actually love vintage almost everything – books, records, cooking gear, the list goes on and on). That being said, Magda and Mike certainly one up us here. For Halloween, Magda and Mike dressed up as Mario and Princess from Super Mario Bros.  They then used an amazing photo that their friends took of them in costume for the save the date card for their wedding. No kidding around — it was complete with gold coins, piranha plants, and koopa troopas photoshopped in. Just try to remember the old Mario games without humming the song or hearing the pop of coins — we dare you to try! (we’ve tried and failed)

We had planned our route to end up on the boardwalk close to sunset.  Almost perfect timing provided us with the perfect sunset glow.

Magda and Mike are both big readers.  Mike is fascinated with investment-related books and Magda with historical fiction and books on the food industry. The boardwalk proved to be the perfect spot to relax together with a good story!

Mike had just had eye surgery and the light out from under the canopy wasn’t doing him any favours. That’s okay, Magda brought some props to shield his eyes!  We’ll leave the comments on the title of this book to their friends.  We would expect some teasing though Mike!

Seriously, how cute is this?

Big clouds, blue sky, golden light, and a bigger kiss – what’s not to love?

You may have noticed that we were drawn to Magda’s fantastic dress over and over again during the shoot.  What a great print!

With the sun starting to drop, we moved back into the shade of the forest to take advantage of the magnolia blossoms for a few more shots.

Just look at how well these two fit together!

See you guys soon!!


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