Meghan + Marc {Trampoline Engagement Photography}

When we first Meghan and Marc they had this crazy idea, this wild and crazy idea.  This wild and crazy idea that we fell for immediately.  Having bonded over their mutual love for the trampoline, what better prop could there possibly be for their engagement shoot?!  For the record, this is the biggest and heaviest engagement shoot prop we’ve had the chance to shoot.

So, after finding a friend to lend them a field, after slowly moving a few hundred pounds of string, springs and metal into the middle of an orchard, Meg and Marc began to bounce.  And, we began to snap.


You knew it was coming, we’re sorry for the pun (but not really): Marc flipped for Meg!!


flying ii

Now that’s some air!


Trampolines aren’t just for bouncing on . . .


cuddle up ii

cuddle up i

cuddle up iii

springs and toes

a different angle

The orchard wasn’t going to be overshadowed by the trampoline.  Love this perfect sunset light.

orchard love

hold me

Gorgeous, Meg!  Love the print on your cutest of cute summer dress.

hold me ii

step up

We certainly weren’t done with the trampoline.

ring and string


Trampolines are clearly also for cuddling.



You guys… we don’t know what more we can say, except thank you. Your shoot was so personal and so unique. We are so happy to have been a part of it.

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