Michele + Jesse {Engagement Photography}

Before Michele and Jesse hired us to shoot their wedding, we had actually taken photos of them. Does this make us sound creepy? Like we were hiding the bushes or something? Okay, let’s clarify. Jesse was the MC at Katie and Mitch’s wedding last summer in NOTL. He did a fabulous job telling jokes and delivering heartfelt words and so we had dozens of photos of him by the end of the night. We also noticed (keen-eyed, storytellers that we are) that between Jesse’s MC-ing duties he always gravitated back to an absolutely beautiful woman who clearly, by the way he looked at her, meant the world to him. And, by the way she looked at and danced with him, the feeling was absolutely dreamily mutual. Of course, the night ended, and we filed those tidbits away with the rest of our memories of the night. That is, until a couple of months later when we got an email from Jesse, asking us to shoot his wedding to Michele this year. Yes!

Fast forward nine months and it was finally time to shoot these two on a day that was all about them. We met Michele and Jesse at their fantastic condo before heading down to the lake for a picnic and afternoon of biking.

Michele and Jesse share our love of cats so these 3D hologram cat cards made us smile.

Jesse could totally make Michele erupt in laughter. We’re dying to know what he was saying. Probably best left as their own little secret though.

I feel like we could say this again and again and again this shoot — gorgeous, Michele, seriously.

Please don’t rain on their picnic! That’s what we were thinking as the first few drops started to fall. After a few spatters (that you can see on Jesse’s shirt), thankfully the rain stopped.

Blue bike meet red bike. The way these two look at each other gets us *every* time.

The soft, diffused light of the overcast afternoon down by the water was amazing. Makes you want to curl up together.

Can’t believe we waited this long to comment on Michele’s boots and crocheted shawl–love the look and texture…

Summer is definitely for picnics and bike riding with the one you love. Michele and Jesse — thanks for such a fun afternoon. Your wedding this year is going to be epic!


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  2. Grammy Fran

    You are so beautiful together, what a beautiful couple, cannot wait for September 14th. Love you both

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