Mira + Mina {Distillery and HTO Engagement Photography}

We met up with Mira and Mina in the Distillery for some engagement shoot fun. It seemed as though Mira and Mina brought Spring to us! They brought the first warm sunset of the year. They brought lots of laughs, and lots of love.

Mira and Mina came dressed to the nines.

mira mina 1
mira mina black and white 2

Oh, did Mira and Mina bring the laughter . . .
mira mina 2b

They most certainly brought the fabulous . . .
mira mina 3
mira mina 4
mira mina 5

After taking advantage of the bricks and cobblestones, we moved to HTO Park at Toronto’s Harbourfront to spend the golden hour along the boardwalk. Stunning Mira, stunning. Not too bad yourself, Mina!
mira mina 7
mira mina 8
mira mina 9
mira mina 10

Down on to the docks for the few last photos…
mira mina 13
mira mina 11

Just love the sand pit and its umbrellas at HTO Park.  A little bit of holiday in the middle of our city.
mira mina 12


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