Nadine + Garry {Distillery District Engagement Photography}

These two make us smile. Mostly because they make each other smile. Big time. And laugh. Sometimes this devolves into fits of adorable giggles (yes, we’re looking at you Nadine). Nadine and Garry decided to keep it personal for their engagement shoot with some casual, relaxed time in their new home in the Distillery before heading out on the town to the location where they first met.

No better place to start than Nadine and Garry’s balcony with a gorgeous view of the cityscape. Perfect for hanging out together after work…

Snuggled in for portraits and some reflections.

A quick change of clothes and we were ready to head out. Love these images set between the pillars. Perhaps we love Nadine’s shoes even more? We don’t know how you navigated the cobblestone paths in those, Nadine, but it was *soooo* worth it.

See — we weren’t kidding about the giggles.

At last we’ve arrived at the infamous P.J. O’Brien Pub, where Nadine and Garry first met. Nadine describes the evening as one where, although they were both out with separate groups of friends, there was “this guy who just wouldn’t stop talking to me.” Determination. We like that. Especially when it’s so clear that they’re a great match.

Back to the Distillery in the setting sun for a few more portraits…

What a fun evening! Looking forward to documenting your wedding this fall at Donalda Club!

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