Pictures at the end . . .

We had a friend over for dinner on Friday who had just come home from northern Chile, the Atacama.
He spent the night sharing stories with us. Even though he was by himself, he was much more courageous than us and walked deep into Pedro de Valdivia. He even went into the hospital. Awesome, I can’t wait to see the photos.
We pulled our album out from our trip and I had forgotten about this picture.
In a place that was simply yellow and dusty, this Maria Elena football stadium caught my eye immediately.
Maria Elena is still a living town, barely, so I didn’t want to walk around snapping pictures. I’d have no problems doing this in NYC or Paris, but it felt different here. If NYC and Paris are wedding photography, Maria Elena would be funeral photography. A little offensive?
This was taken quickly before we moved on to Pedro de Valdivia.

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