Rachel + Cat {Engagement Photography}

It was early. Like 5:30 in the morning early (some of you are asking: is that actually morning?). We don’t usually get up at that hour either. But we always will for the right photo. Rachel and Cat, who are absolutely awesome, had grand plans for their save the date cards (which we’re not blogging yet — it’s a secret — you’ll just have to wait to see them). We needed perfect light and an empty High Park to realize their idea so we made lattes and got treats for us all (caffeine and chocolate always help get us out of bed) and met up with Rachel and Cat in the High Park parking lot to start our day.

After shooting the epic, oh-so-perfectly Rachel and Cat save the date images (can you tell that we’re bursting with excitement?!), we headed down by the river for some pretty shots under the willows, with a vintage twist.

This shot was a stark contrast, but nice pop of colour…

Further north in the park…

Rachel and Cat *love* travel. The first voicemail we received from Rachel ended with “We’re going to be in Columbia for the next week or so, but we can touch base after that.” During our first coffee with them (after they returned from Columbia), Rachel and Cat started to tell us their stories and we could see the excitement in their shared adventures together. They were perfect for each other and, for us, they were kindred spirits. We couldn’t have been happier when they chose to trust us with their wedding.

Not surprisingly, Rachel and Cat wanted part of their shoot to showcase their love of travel. We were *so* excited when they pulled the vintage suitcases from their trunk.

We’re convinced that in every relationship there is someone who is slowing down the travel team. For us, it was Naomi when she worked at the law firm. Mark would pack Naomi’s bag and she would miss revised departure time after missed departure times (still at her desk, finishing up). We all have our reasons, but just guess who in this duo is holding up the team …

Cat is in charge of the passports… for sure…

Barbados, anyone?

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Rachel and Cat pulled their masks, snorkels, and flippers out of the suitcases. It was priceless (we haven’t showcased the shots of them in their masks and snorkels — you’re going to have to ask them yourselves to see those photos!).

Cat proposed with this beautiful ring; Rachel got her this watch.

Can’t wait for your wedding next year, Rachel and Cat. It’s going to be awesome!


  1. Erin & Darryl

    Wow!!!! You both are absolutely gorgeous!!! The photographer did a phenomenal job capturing the essence of you both as the amazing couple you are! Hugs & love from the O’Martin’s

  2. Leslie

    Absolutely love the pictures Pimy & Rach. Looks like you’ll have a hard time picking just one shot for your save the date cards. And of course, I love the map pictures. You two snuggling behind the map – gotta love it! How perfect.

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