Rachel + Cat {Sunnybrook Estates Wedding Photography}

Have we got a story to tell! From getting ready at Old Mill, an incredibly emotional first look, a few frames of bowling (that’s right, in a big white dress and a dapper tux), to heartfelt ceremony and crazy party at The Estates of Sunnybrook, this one’s got it all.  So, without further ado, on this grey dull day, let the giddiness, friendship and most of all love from Rach and Cat’s day provide a little glow for you.
Rachel’s parents had married at the Old Mill, so it was important to Rachel that she and Cat included the Old Mill in their wedding day plans.  Getting ready in two adjacent suites, we had plenty of time to catch the bubbling emotions and beautiful details that these two had chosen.

Rach, we love the blue star pjs, *LOVE*!!

If you know Rach and Cat, you likely know of their shoe collection.  We shot the images for and helped Rach and Cat put together their save the dates early last year at High Park.  Check out the starring role that their Adidas collection played.

Perfect light for a few finishing touches.

Cat, your suit absolutely rocked.

Meanwhile, next door, Rachel decided to show everyone how to have fun on your wedding day.

Positioned in front of the big bay windows, Rachel was simply stunning while slipping on her dress.

Next up: Cat and her bridal party.  We just can’t get over Cat’s custom-tailored suit.

How could we pass up the chance to have a little portrait fun in the big tubs at the Old Mill?

Alright, so, we alluded to Rach and Cat’s emotional first look.  Before we let the pics speak for themselves, the rush of emotions when Cat dropped her hands to see Rach was almost too much for us.  We’d spent so much time getting to know these two that this moment has such a personal meaning to us.  To tell the absolute truth, the love here was actually difficult to photograph.  Thankfully we had our cameras up to our faces for the whole thing . . . otherwise there would have been four of us openly crying.  But let’s keep that our little secret.

Next stop, Bowlerama.  Dresses, tuxes and bowling balls.  Tell me this isn’t a great idea.

Just a little help.

We couldn’t resist using a few props.  The staff at Bowlerama were awesome by the by.  Just in case something like this piques your interest.

We suggested doing some group portraits with the bowling balls and Rach and Cat were quick to suggest using them to form a Rainbow Flag. What a great idea!

With bowling finished, we headed over to the Estates of Sunnybrook for the ceremony.  And, at long last, in front of family and friends, Rachel and Cat tied the knot.

We had a little bit of time before the reception started and so moved to the green space to shoot a few more portraits of Rach and Cat.

You two were just gorgeous.  So happy, so beautiful.

As part of their ceremony, Rachel and Cat included a little e.e. cummings.  Not only is e.e. cummings our favourite shared poet, Rach and Cat picked to use one of our favourite poems as part of the ceremony.  We could resist working it into one of their most romantic portraits.

With time running short, we headed back to the estate for the reception and party.

Rach and Cat love to travel and so they used that theme to set the stage for their reception.  What a great personal touch.

Perfect place cards.

As gifts to their bridal parties, Rachel and Cat shared some of their Adidas love.  Strutting their stuff in their jackets and striking a pose to Right Said Fred “I’m too sexy” set the crowd on fire.

Listening to the stories shared by their family and friends proved that we weren’t the only ones to have fallen for Rachel and Cat.

Forgoing a traditional first dance for something more inclusive, Rach and Cat still seemed perfectly lost in their own little world.

Once the DJ turned on the music, things got real!

Seriously real.

Thanks so much for being awesome!  Thanks so much for being our friends.  You two certainly know how to share your love.

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