Rebecca, Curt, and Declan {Family Photography}

We set out for Rebecca, Curt, and Declan’s family shoot with our fingers and toes crossed that the rain would hold off. Of course, as soon as we wheeled into Etienne Brule Park in the Humber River Valley, the sky opened up. Fortunately, we were within sprinting distance of some shelter. These first few shots were captured while we waited out the storm and then tested our luck as the rain started to subside.

While we all grumbled a bit to ourselves about the storm, Declan didn’t seem to mind it at all, even finding a tasty treat …

Rebecca can make Declan laugh in an instant. And to be honest, we had a pretty good chuckle too while documenting their antics together. We *really* wanted to include the monkey dance photos in our post. Cooler heads prevailed though and we went with something a little more classic. You’ll have to ask Rebecca and Declan yourselves if you want to see those shots (or a live reenactment).

These images, set amongst the wildflowers down by the river once the rain had stopped, are some of our favorites from the morning. The bond between these three was something special to watch:

Too cute, Declan:

En route back home, we stopped to take some photos sitting on the cobblestones. Don’t they look great between dodging the cars?!

Rebecca, Curt, and Declan — we had a great time with you. Thanks for sharing the rainy morning with us!

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