Reebok Crossfit Regionals: Canada East {Sports Photography}

We went to work for Sweat Rx in early June to shoot the Reebok Crossfit Canada East Regionals. We’ve been holding back on putting our images up until Sweat Rx revamps their website. Fred and his gang at Sweat Rx are great at what they do. As we understand it, the magazine is going to be on newsstands AND will be moving to 6 issues a year. Way to go guys!

Our very own Matthew Lefave of Reebok Liberty Village CrossFit is off to California to compete in the Reebok CrossFit Games against the best competition in the world. Good luck!

These images aren’t our usual style, they’re a little harder a little more gritty. Given the quick movements and the low light, we had to push ourselves and our equipment. That being said, doesn’t the absolutely overwhelming sport of crossfit seem perfectly at home with the grittiness?

The level of effort that these athletes poured from their hearts was amazing. Every single one of them left everything they had on the floor . .

It wasn’t just the athletes that were giving it their all. The friends and family of each athlete seemed to have just as much invested. What a great community!

At the end of the weekend the competition came down to two terrific performances that affected the standings in the very last event. Watching both Lefave and Letendre fight for their place to go to the Games was inspiring. Have no misconception, they pushed themselves further than even they believed they could!


  1. Alli Bearinger

    I randomly came across these photos today and was wondering if you have anymore? They’re great!

    1. mark millar

      Hi there Alli. Thank you! We took thousands at the time (though most of those we didn’t post have been deleted)! Why don’t you drop us an email and let us know if there was something in particular you were looking for?!

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