Rob + Shan + Logan {Family}

We love shooting families! While out in Halifax last weekend, we took some photographs of Rob, Shan, and their little man, Logan. Playing the fly on the wall and capturing the moments between these three as the afternoon unfolded was an amazing opportunity. It was still a bit chilly, but it finally felt like spring so off into the great outdoors we went!

(We couldn’t resist including the second photo, which we’ve dubbed “hat trouble!”)

The transition from grumpy old man to couch potato in a matter of seconds was priceless! (click on the picture to see full-sized Logan!)

Logan simply *loved* to be airborne …

This was Logan’s first time on grass. As you can see, he looked perfectly at home and content.

In fact, Logan was so comfortable that he thought it was time for a nice light snack. But, then again, maybe not…


Nothing says spring like squishing your toes in the grass. We had a fantastic time, Rob, Shan, and Logan. Thanks for letting us share these special moments with you.


  1. Shannon

    Mark and Naomi,

    You guys are fantastic, and so is your work 🙂 I have been meaning to comment on many of your postings. I love your creativity and the way you can make ‘just another wedding shot’ something so unique, artistic and fun. I love the pics of my family, thank you! I wish you all the best and hope to commission a piece for my dining room soon 😉

    Love ya,

  2. Linda Miedema

    Hi Mark and Naomi: The pictures you took of Logan, Shannon and Rob are terrific. I still laugh when I think what went on behind the scenes with the “Feet” picture – trying to get all the feet in the same place at one time! It was a fun photo shoot.
    I love to go to your website and look at the pictures. Your pictures are unique. You portray thought provoking topics, and capture such fun moments.
    “Nana” Linda

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