Rumble at the Adelaide {Sports Photography}

We had a chance to shoot Rumble at the Adelaide the other week.

The Adelaide Club took the time to set up an honest to goodness boxing ring right in the middle of the weight floor. The construction team worked hard to get the ring up and running in the middle of a gym that was filled with weightlifters only hours before. Amazing effort. As the adage goes, if you build it, they will come. The club was packed with spectators. Packed.

Although this was an amateur set of bouts, the quality and determination of the fighters was evident. For the most part, the fighters were trained **well** by Body by Dex and Body by Chosen.

The fighters were there to fight!

Amidst all of the action, the lulls between bouts or rounds gave me a chance to capture some of the raw emotion that boxing brings out in the fighters . . . faced with a fight or flight, this group knows how to stand up and fight.

Who says there isn’t humility or sex in boxing?

Of course, what would a boxing post be without a picture of “The Champ”!

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