Ryan + Linda {Wedding Photography}

Last week I had the chance to shoot Ryan and Linda’s wedding at the Old Mill.

I’ll explain a little further down how Ryan orchestrated his first date with Linda which eventually led to her wearing this beautiful dress.


I made my way over to Ryan’s to take some pictures of the boys getting ready. My timing was great as Ryan’s mom and dad arrived almost on cue.


Watching Ryan help his dad with his tie, while he and his dad shared a few quiet words, I was struck by the timelessness of the moment. I tried my best to make the photo look like an old colour polaroid.

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the day for me was meeting Linda’s pet.

For Linda, I think that the biggest surprise of the day was walking out to see the horse and carriage that her parents had secretly arranged for her trip to the church.

Despite the pressures of the day, Ryan and Linda managed to share little private moments with each other that I was lucky enough to watch. Look at how happy Ryan is with his ring!!

Of course, not everyone was paying such strict attention. While she may look attentive, she’s actually turned around facing the back of the church.

The ride from the ceremony to the Old Mill had a little more horse power than Linda’s carriage.

At the Old Mill, we had some time to take some classic, and some not so classic, photos in the suite and out on the grounds.

Always having fun.

Outside in the garden, fashion finally gave way to comfort, with great relief as you can see.

Listening to the speeches and watching the reactions all around me made it clear just how much love and respect Ryan and Linda have for each other, their friends and their families. The speeches certainly shed light on the beginning of Ryan and Linda’s story. At the time, Ryan and Linda both worked at one of the big car plants. Ryan managed to use his influence to get Linda on to his line (which, as I understand, was one of the more physically demanding lines). Within a few weeks Ryan and worked up the courage to ask Linda out.

And, to finish up our longest post to date, something classic and romantic. With a whole ballroom of family, Ryan and Linda danced themselves to their own private place.

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