Salisbury Plan, South Georgia

It’s been hectic lately, but we found a little break tonight to share some of our recent travel photos from our trip to Antarctica that we’ve been aching to post.

After our first day on South Georgia, we sailed to a wide open beach area known as Salisbury Plan, home to one of the largest King penguin colonies in the world. According to some reports there can be up to 700,000 penguins on the tideland at a time. Coming ashore it was as if the beach was moving. The cacophony of the Kings calling to each other was simply incredible. From now on, we’ll bring some kind of sound recording equipment with us.

(If you haven’t been clicking on the pictures, this is the place to start. Click and the pictures will be splashed across the page, just wait for the page to finish loading first.)

These Kings will even spend hours climbing all the way up the hills surrounding the plains.

The King chicks are so different from their parents, born without the oily feathers that will let them swim so freely, that in the history of penguin taxonomy they were actually treated as a different species for a time.

It’s hard to describe what it felt like to walk amongst this giant rookery. The Kings were so curious they’d follow you around or try to take a peak into your bag. It was one of those times where everything feels right, where for brief moments you feel a part of the beach, the rookery and the mountains – you realize you’re walking around giggling to yourself.

And, to keep moms happy, here we are with our friends.


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