Shevon + Ryan {Petticoat Creek Engagement Photography}

Shooting on the edge of Lake Ontario near one of its many bluffs affords the chance for two sunsets: one on the horizon below the bluff and one on the horizon itself. Add in the playful Shevon and Ryan and you have yourself the perfect romantic bohemian engagement shoot.

on the beach i

on the beach ii

Some tall grass, a blanket on the beach and a cool breeze — who wouldn’t be happy?!
on the beach iii

on the beach iv

From the playful to the serious, these two could really turn it on. Seriously smouldering, you two.
on the beach v

on the beach vi

on the beach vii

on the beach viii

on the beach ix

under the willow i

under the willow ii

We couldn’t help ourselves, we loved the dress that Shevon had picked out for the engagement shoot and the way that Ryan’s tattoos stood out against it. Awesome style.

under the willow iii

beach dance

beach dance ii

beach dance iv

beach dance v

beach dance vi

beach dance vii

log i

Shevon spent some time in Italy working in fashion photography (how jealous are we?!), so we decided to bring along a Polaroid to play with.

river rocks

Sunset number one at the bottom of the bluffs . . .

on the river i

on the river ii

on the river iii

on the creek

on the river iv

on the river v

A quick break 😉

a quick rest

Sunset number two at the top of the bluffs . . .

a hand

lookout i


lookout ii

one last kiss

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