SI x 2 {Wedding Photography}

Sonny and Sandra were engaged in the shadow of the Golden Gate – probably after a day of exploring, looking for a record, the perfect bbq and a cool new pair of kicks.

We just adore the button details on Sandra’s dress.

While Sandra was getting ready, Sonny kicked back and watched a little Gunners’ football, then took some time to refresh his bow tie skills.

Stunning Sandra, stunning!

Although it was a cold, we convinced Sandra and Sonny to ham it up for us out on their balcony. A little blue steel, Ben Stiller eat your heart out. Don’t they look like they belong on the cover of GQ?

Obviously Sonny loves his teddies and needed a little more cozy time with the monsters.

We all piled into cars and went out to one of Toronto’s industrial areas to take advantage of the great backgrounds. The contrast between Sandra’s beautiful dress and the rusted metal was perfect.

We brought a few red balloons to play hide and seek with.

While shooting, a couple of the balloons escaped to explore the world on their own.


Thanks to Carly for a great job on make-up.

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