Stacie + Max {Destination Wedding — Barbados}

Stacie and Max wed in Barbados, the beautiful Atlantic island 5 hours’ flight from Toronto where much of Max’s family still lives. We couldn’t have been happier to be invited along to document Stacie and Max’s wedding, time with their families, and portrait session all around the island.

Barbados is a stunning island with gorgeous white sand beaches, sweeping sugar cane fields, colourful towns, and expansive caves. At only 23 by 34 kilometres, Barbados is the perfect size to explore by car — if you don’t mind the added adventure of driving on the left side of the road, that is.

Most of Stacie and Max’s family and friends from out of town stayed at Crystal Cove, the small boutique hotel on the west side of the island where the ocean is calm. It was there that their wedding day started. Like many island weddings, the morning and early afternoon were laid back. In addition to the relaxed island vibe, it certainly seemed to put Stacie at ease that one of her closest friends, Michelle, was the one doing her hair and makeup.

Stacie’s dress was absolutely stunning. The perfect blend of tradition and flowing whimsy.

These heels were certainly not for the beach, but looked fantastic on Stacie at the ceremony and reception.

We’re suckers for the birdcage veil. So elegant.

We couldn’t resist showcasing Stacie’s jewelry in the gardens at Crystal Cove, juxtaposing the pop of the colours of the tropical flowers with the sparkles.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the resort, Max was transcribing his vows for the ceremony and hanging out with his groomsmen. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows Max that there was a game on in the background…

Back in Stacie’s room, it was time for her to put on her dress. Stacie — you look gorgeous!!

Time for a little help from Stacie’s sisters, Stephanie and Sheila. And a few laughs.

It was finally time for Stacie and Max’s first look. We selected a secluded spot down the beach for Max to wait as Stacie approached.

Classic Stacie and Max hamming it up for the camera…

Before heading off for the ceremony, we had to use this fabulous oceanside staircase and some of the mammoth seaside rocks as backdrops for the bridal party.

A quick stop by the room to pick up Stacie’s flowers and we were off to The Beach House for the ceremony and reception.

Set overlooking the ocean, framed by palms, the ceremony space was intimate, cool and calming.

Max’s reaction to seeing Stacie walk down the aisle with her parents was so touching. And we love that they both wrote their own vows.

Stacie and Max enlisted the fabulous Emma Corrie of Emma Corrie Designs to plan their wedding. From the overall vision down to every detail, it was all executed beautifully.

As the light began to fade and the torches and candles were lit, dinner and the sharing of stories about Stacie and Max began. Max and Stacie’s first dance as husband and wife followed shortly thereafter.

Preferring to spend more time with their families and friends on their wedding day, Stacie and Max had decided that they would get back in their wedding gear a few days after their wedding and go on a photographic adventure with us. Because it was our first time in Barbados, this required some serious scouting on our part. But we love an adventure. Especially when it involves renting a car and driving on the wrong side of the road (oh the Brits), stopping in small towns, exploring fields and caves, and pulling over to refuel on roti. Barbados is replete with beautiful locations for photography. The real difficulty was narrowing down our list.

Our first stop was a personal one at Max’s father’s home where Max and Stacie often stay when they come to visit. The lush grounds could be mistaken for the depths of a rainforest.

Back in the air conditioned car, we headed north to St. Nicolas Abbey, a 400-acre estate of undulating sugar cane fields, tropical gullies, mahogany forests and formal gardens.

Leaving St. Nicolas, we headed further north to Animal Flower Cave, offering a spectacular window out to the sea and some moody shadows.

Our last stop, just before sunset, was along the beach on the west coast. We had seen some of the old boats housed on the beach a few days earlier and were keen to return. We weren’t alone in finding the spot irresistible…

Our time with Stacie and Max and their families and friends in Barbados absolutely flew by. In the blink of an eye, it was time to head back to Toronto.

Thanks so much for inviting us along to document your wedding week in Barbados, you two. We had an amazing time getting to know your friends and family and exploring the island that clearly has a very special place in your lives together.


  1. Jik Gibbons

    These pictures are amazing. I would say that these pictures seem to tell the perfect story. I would bet that this marriage will last . Blessings and love always,

    Uncle Jim

  2. Mrs. Malabre

    Wow! Fantastic!
    Nicely captured moments!
    These are very fashionable, both Max and stacie are so photogenic.
    I love all the shots!

    You are a great photographer!!

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