Stacie + Max {Engagement Photography}

In a few weeks, we’ll be with Stacie and Max on the beaches of Barbados. Capturing their family and friends celebrating their love. In the meantime, we set a date to meet up with Stacie and Max down at Sunnyside Pavilion, where they first met.
Just a short walk down to the waterfront, where Stacie and Max sat down on a lovely piece of drift wood and we documented them laughing and playing away the afternoon.

We felt pretty special, having been given the chance to document these two and all of their almost hidden gestures of love.
An audience?

Back up at the Pavilion, we knew we had to find a way to work in the bright colours.

How happy do these two look together?!

How cozy!

A little playfulness.

Although we spent most of our afternoon hamming it up with Stacie and Max, they were ready in an instant to turn it on!

With the sun setting over the lake, we turned back to the beach for a few last romantic shots.

Stacie, we promise it won’t be this cold in a few weeks!!


  1. garth

    man you make me want to hook up also….nope! but you guys look really in love and great together in this pics

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