Stephanie + Matthew {Cherry Beach Engagement Photography}

Stephanie and Matt didn’t tell us about the zombies. They brought zombies with them. In the back seat of their car. Yes, you heard that correctly. There were zombies at Cherry Beach at sunrise for their engagement shoot. Are you intrigued? Good. So were we.

Avid board game players, Stephanie and Matt introduced us to one of their favorite board games: Zombicide. The set up is elaborate and the competition between them fierce. We suspect we saw a somewhat softer side of their competitive streaks that morning though. Regardless, it was so much fun (and we, who are also lovers of board games, have another game to try out for ourselves)!

I don’t think the instructions provide for Abominations (the most mutated zombies who can only be killed with the most powerful weapons) kissing. But, it’s an engagement shoot, and so some rules can be broken.

Having destroyed all the zombies, the survivors had a quick outfit change and a walk along the beach. Stephanie was right at home by the water, being from the east coast originally. Although we didn’t get a true sunrise that morning, the beach was still and quiet and the light was fantastic. And Stephanie and Matt were so relaxed together that it was hard to take a shot where they didn’t look perfectly content and in love.

Thanks for an awesome early morning, you two. We can’t wait for your wedding at the Doctor’s House in just a few short weeks!


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