The Parisian and the pigeons

We spend quite a bit of time looking at street photography galleries. Photographers like Winogrand, Cartier-Bresson, Arbus, Robert Frank and their like. More often than not their photography focuses on the darker side of life on the street, whether it be crime, poverty or the marginalized – the Other.
Perhaps there is something more interesting in the Other in comparison to shooting pictures of what is familiar to your own sense of self.
Why are these photographs so compelling? Is it empathy? Schadenfreude?

To illustrate our point, the Parisian and pigeons . . .



  1. helen

    this one I really like…
    Obviously not a street person by her clothes… very deep in thought (a look that to me says she has lost someone special quite recently, and doesn’t know how to go on from here) while feeding the pigeons…there all just waiting for the next piece of bread to drop!!!!

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