Tori-Rae + Mike {Engagement Photography}

When we first met Tori-Rae, we connected over our photos — she seemed to really like the fun-loving, quirky feeling of our images. We didn’t get to meet Mike until the engagement shoot, but it all came together then. Mike features prominently in most dictionaries under fun-loving, hilarious, larger than life, ham (and all-around great guy). Even though Tori-Rae protests about Mike’s goofing around, you can tell that this is a big part of what she loves about him; the way Mike teases and jokes around with Tori-Rae makes it oh so clear just how much he cares for her.

Before things got out of hand, we had some time for a few quiet moments on the steps…

Love the graphic design and fashion-inspired elements of these next sets (just look at Tori-Rae strike a pose)…

We had a blast with these two wandering around the core this spring. They were up for all of our ideas and we had a ton of laughs. Mike was constantly making Tori-Rae and us laugh (seriously, Naomi was laughing so hard she had put her camera down a couple of times).

We’re saving the rest of the really crazy photos for Tori-Rae and Mike, but this should give you a sense of Mike’s willingness to goof around and try just about anything.

And, just few more in a quiet nook with the setting late-spring sun . .

Can’t wait to see you guys again at your wedding at Canoe this fall!

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