Vickie + Lee {Hart House Wedding Photography}

We first met with Vickie and Lee at the Green Beanery just before their impending move to New York for Lee’s job. Although they were embarking on a new adventure together in NYC, Vickie and Lee planned to return to Toronto to tie the knot at Hart House. We were thrilled to be part of their celebration and reunion with their families and friends.

old stone

We’ve shot at Hart House in the Bickersith Room before so we were really excited to try out a few ideas we had for some beautiful moody photos of Vickie and all of her details.

details ii

details i

dress i

dress ii

details iii


prep ii

Vickie is so effusive. You can actually feel her excitement at seeing the finishing touches on her hair and make-up.
prep iii

prep v

prep vi

With a little help from her sister, Vickie slid into her dress and was ready to go!!

prep vii

prep viii

prep ix

Not too far from Hart House, Lee and his guys pulled their looks together with some pretty cool ties that Lee had ordered from Bay Cooper Haberdashery.

his details ii

his details i

All set, the guys made the short walk along busy Bloor Street so Lee and Vickie could meet up for their first look.
through the city

And what a first look it was. Vickie and Lee had actually spent a little time apart before their wedding day as Vickie had come back to Toronto ahead of Lee to deal with any last minute wedding planning. In the shadow of the Soldiers’ Tower, Vickie and Lee reunited.
first look

first look ii

a brief break

a brief break ii

his turn

With the Soldiers’ Arch as a backdrop, Vickie and Lee struck a pose for us before the ceremony.
soldiers arch

soldiers arch ii

It didn’t take very long for the excitement and passion of the moment to set in!
soldiers arch iii


Moments before the ceremony, we worked with Vickie and Lee to create some shadowy and romantic images in one of the Gothic-Revival nooks we had picked out.

low key

low key ii

low key iii

low key iv

windows and arches

With family and friends gathered, it was time for Vickie’s dad to walk her down the aisle.

down the aisle

(We really loved that the Hart House lion watched over the ceremony)
under the lion

happy parents

happy parents ii

sealed and delivered

As fellow avid readers, we adored Vickie and Lee’s decision to decorate their tables with some of their favourite books. These personal touches gave everyone something to talk about and made the Hart House Music Room feel simultaneously grand and as intimate as Vickie and Lee’s own living room. Fantastic idea!
tables and books

long tables and books ii

long tables and books iii

long tables and books iv

A few last portraits in front of the incredible leaded glass windows framing one of Hart House’s back foyers.
just a few more i

just a few more ii

We couldn’t decide on a ring picture to post, either something with Vickie’s gorgeous flowers, or something related to the books Vickie and Lee chose to share with their guests . . . so, here’s two!
rings i

rings ii

Vickie and Lee — as fellow adventurers and book lovers who cherish moody, romantic locations (especially institutions of higher learning), we had such a fabulous time with you two!

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