Victoria + Chris {Engagement Photography}

Victoria is super detail-oriented. Seriously, she and Naomi are kindred spirits. They both love planning and lists (Naomi actually uses different coloured pens to cross completed tasks off and makes lists of her lists when things get hectic… ahem, okay, this is getting embarrassing for Naomi — back to Vic and Chris).

So, as you might expect, Vic and Chris didn’t just meet us halfway on planning their engagement shoot. It wasn’t just “I’d like to shoot in a field” (which, don’t get us wrong, is a great starting point); it was “we’d like to shoot in Liberty Village” (where they live) and then, here come the best part, there was a list of about 30 specific locations in Liberty Village, including obscure murals and corners, that they wanted us to consider using for their shoot.

Before there’s any freaking out, a note to our couples: this planning and list-making is *not* required on your parts; it’s typically our job, and we love doing it. Having said that, it’s pretty cool when our couples are this invested in the shoot. We’re loving the results of our collaboration.

Vic and Chris — thanks for putting so much thought into the shoot. And for sneaking up to the balcony of the Liberty Market with us!

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