Victoria + John {Engagement Photography}

We met Victoria and John for the first time at Jimmy’s Coffee on Portland — delicious treats and fun magazines for browsing if you’ve never been. Actually, that’s not true. Naomi met Victoria and John for the first time at a wedding show where John actually said that he thought all photographers were the same (we’re totally not letting you live that down, John). Victoria looked at John incredulously and emphatically disagreed. A little over an hour later, after a tour of the show, Victoria and John were back for another visit to our booth and John admitted that Victoria was absolutely right. Of course, she was. As if there were any doubt.

Back to Jimmy’s though. Conversation came easily. Mark and John discussed football, especially John’s beloved Cincinnati Bengals. We thought that we might have convinced John to get Who Dey as the ring bearer for the wedding or at least to dress up as Who Dey for part of their engagement shoot. Sadly, or sensibly some may say, he declined. Victoria and Naomi chatted about Victoria’s masters program, which she’s incredibly passionate about — while working full time in Toronto, she’s flying back and forth to California to finish up her degree. Victoria and John shared their relaxed, easy going approach to their wedding. That sounded just perfect to us.

A little more background: John is from Toronto; Victoria is originally from Montreal. While during our first conversations they denied any Toronto-Montreal rivalry, when they showed up for their engagement shoot with Leafs and Habs t-shirts, we knew it was on. To all staunch Leaf or Hab fans: in the end, this post contains evidence that Leafs and Habs fans can be friends after all. In fact, we’ll just say it: goofing around together came naturally to these two and their chemistry was fabulous.

We had a few areas picked out at the Bluffs for a variety of looks. This clearing in the forest was perfect for the start of something a little more cozy and romantic.

There are good shadows and bad shadows. Or at least that’s what we think. We love the way these shadows from the scraggly branches fell on John and Victoria.

We had found some pretty driftwood with the gorgeous Bluffs in the background during our scout. The light was just perfect.

After the beach, off we wandered to the prettiest part of the park — where the beach juts out in front of the dramatic Bluffs — for some quiet moments.

Victoria — just wow…

Crossing back from the beach, we headed out onto the rocks for some final shots of Victoria and John in the setting sun.

Thanks for such a relaxed afternoon, Victoria and John. Looking forward to your wedding in a few short weeks at Copper Creek Golf Club!

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