Where are you now?

We were in Bolivia almost two years ago. As part of our trip we went to the salt flats outside of Uyuni, high in the altiplano. We were walking around the outskirts of Uyuni before heading out onto the salt flats when we came across three boys playing on a couple of salt piles. Judging by how they were acting, some kind of ‘King of the Hill’ game.
I watched them for a bit and then snapped a few pictures. I showed the boys their pictures on the digital screen and they spent the next 10 minutes lampooning each other for the camera.

As I was leaving and the kids were returning to their game, this particular little boy seemed to drift off a little. I wonder what he was thinking about? I wonder if he was trying to contemplate what my life was like, much like I was trying to do for his?

Two years ago and I still wonder what he’s doing. I see his picture on my wall almost everyday.

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