Wildlife bookmarks #2

Another wildlife bookmark idea . . .
Look closely at the water buffalo’s eye and you can see the boat we were on when I took the photo. When we boarded the boat we were told that hippos and water buffalo cause more deaths in Africa each year than lions. I felt safe in our boat until the pilot decided to take us within 8 feet of a water buffalo and then a hippo surfaced about 2 feet from the boat. It was at this point that I realized we weren’t really in a boat, but more of a glorified party skiff. Only about a foot of draft and another 1/2 foot of hull out of the water. No wonder hippos and water buffalo cause so many accidents. If I hadn’t seen the croc earlier, I might have made a swim for it.


  1. Magoo

    Another stunning photo…I could stare at the texture in the horn for longer than I really should.

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